Detection of some aminoglycosides antimicrobial resistance genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultured from mastitic milk cows


this study has included isolation and confirms diagnosis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by 16sRNA gene by PCR in (22) isolates from (50) milk samples has taken from cows, collected randomly in AL-Qadissyia province and making scan looking for the most common six resistance genes that resist to aminoglycoside antibiotic group included kanamycin ; tobramycin ; amikacin and gentamicin . These genes which detected in this study with its percentage was AAC-3'-I was 18.1% ; AAC-3'-II was 36.3% ; AAC-6'-I was 27.2% ; AAC-6'-Ib was 91% ; AAC-6'-IIb was 9% and Aph-3-VI was 9% . these six genes are encoding for six enzymes that have an important role to destroy and inactivated aminoglycosides antibiotics group. The result of this study show AAC-6'-Ib gene is more percentage( 91%) while Aph-3-VI gene is leaser percentage (9%). The aim of this study finding solves for resistances antibiotics problem that causes an economic large loss in animals meat and specially mastitis