Effect of adding Cinnamomum camphora on the testosterone hormone and reproductive traits of the Awassi rams


This study was aimed to find out the effect of camphor on sexual behavior in male rams. Eight sexually mature Awassi rams were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group was received Cinnamomum camphora (20 mg/kg/ day) orally with their concentrated diet for four weeks; while the other group (control) were feed on the same diet without adding camphor. Semen was collected from the rams and the results showed that camphor reduced the semen volume, mass activity, testes length and live sperm percentage while there were insignificant differences in the testes circumference, semen concentration, individual motility and testosterone hormone level between the treated and control groups. In addition it was noticed that the abnormal percentage of sperm was significantly higher in camphor group compared with the control group.