Histopathological Study Of The Effect Of Low Level Laser And Biatain Ag Non-Adhesive Dressing On The Avulsion Wound Healing In Rabbits


The aims of this study was to compare between the effect of Low level Laser and Biatain Ag non-adhesive dressing on healing of avulsion wound in rabbits. Eighteen adult healthy rabbits were used. It is divided in to two equal groups , Laser group , and Biatain Ag group, also each group divide into three equal sub group for histopathological study at 1 week , 2 week and 3 week post operation. The avulsion wound was done on the back(dorsal) after general anesthesia by blade 1 cm . post-operation , in laser group, the rabbits were exposed to low level laser for 5 minute/daily to period 1week, 2week ,3week continuously , but in Biatain Ag group, the avulsion wound was dressing by Biatain Ag non-adhesive dressing and it fixed on wound by blaster and continuous to 1week, 2week, 3week. The histopathological examination appear in first week, both groups showed ulceration but in biotin group showed more ulceration than laser group. In two week, laser group some animals showed absence of ulceration with dermal fibrosis. In two week, in biatain group showed reduce the size ulcer with dermal fibrosis. In three week, laser group showed complete healing with moderate thickening of epidermis and hyperkeratosis with dermal fibrosis. While biatain group showed complete healing with marked dermal fibrosis but presence of foci of hair folliculitis. Conclusion In two week, laser group all showed healing of ulcer except one animal while biatain group there was only reduce size of ulcer but not complete healing.