Comparative study of antidiarrheal effect of proposed new formulae from D.innoxia hydroalcoholic leave extract against E.coli O:157 induced diarrhea in goats


New proposed formulation of 5% and 7.5% of hydroalcoholic leave extract of D.innoxia were tested as new drug in order to treat induced diarrheal infection by pathogenic E.coliO:157 strain isolate in 16 healthy local goats divided in to equal four groups according to following treatment groups T1 and T2 represented (25 and 37.5 mg/kg D.innoxia),ciprofloxacine (5mg/kg) and DMSO vehicle group 0.5 ml /kg as positive control .Dosing continue orally daily for 14 days after induction of diarrheal infection .The efficacy of different treatment were evaluated according to improvement in clinical symptoms in which the formulation showed dose dependent effect with superiority of higher dose in T2 over ciprofloxacin in reduction body temperature and respiration rate , improvement in body weight gain and dehydration signs with reduction of fecal bacterial count (E.coli ) to nearly normal with completely ceasing diarrhea at the end of treatment . This was due to the presence of multiphytochemical that have not only antibacterial effect but also astringent ,anti-inflammatory ,analgesic ,antispasmodic, narcotic ,antipyretic and antiallergic that help to over come the stress that accompanied diarrheal infection.