In Vitro Production of Ovine Embryo


The study was conducted in order to know the effect of certain factors on in vitro maturation and fertilization of sheep oocytes in vitro during the period from November 2010 to march 2011, 195 oocytes we aspirated from 60 ovaries of adult an prebupertal lamb slaughtered in AL-Falluja slaughter house, and transported to reproductive lab of coll .vet .Med. / AL -Anbar university at Falluja. Aspirated oocytes were graded and incubated at 38.5 co, 5% CO2 with relative humidity 90% for 24 hrs. Capacitated sperm were prepared for IVF. Then incubation of matured oocyte with capacitated sperm (CO2 5%, 38.5co, 90% relative humidity for 24 hrs). The results showed that the right ovary give more oocyte (P<0.05) the left one. The large follicles showed oocyte recovery and in the percent of maturation and IVF as compared (P< 0.05) with the smaller one. The results showed also that .the TCM -199 is the best for IVM and IVF (P<0.05) as compared with DPBS. It was concluded for the study the ability of producing ovine Embryo in vitro, However further study is required.