Cytogenetic Effects Of Tacrolimus After Chronic Oral Administration In Male Albino Rats


This study was carried out to investigate cytogenetic effects of chronic exposure of an immunosuppressant Tacrolimus in male albino rats. Thirty albino male rats were divided into 3 equal groups, the first one (T1) administrated orally therapeutic dose 70µg/kg.BW of Tacrolimus. The second group(T2) dosed double dose 140 µg/kg.BW of Tacrolimus, while the third group dosed distilled water with drops of ethanol as solvent like in treated groups and considered as control one(C). cytogenetic study included mitotic index, chromosomal aberration and blast index, the mitotic index showed significant decrease in both treated groups compared with the control one, the blast index showed significant decrease in T2 group compared with T1 and the control group. Chromosomal aberration in the stem cells of bone marrow represented by ring chromosome observed in T2 group which received double dose of drug. In conclusion Tacrolimus chronic exposure in rats indicate some genetic effect which needed more investigations in other species and even man.