Milk production, composition and economic efficiency and some blood parameters of local Friesian dairy cows fed Sesame seed meal


This study has been achieved in the cows farm at the Technical Agricultural College, Mosul, by using three multiparous cross breed Friesian cows average 375±19 kg. of body live weight in the first month of lactation .These cows were randomly assigned to fed on three iso-nitrogenous and iso-energetic experimental diets which differed in level of sesame seed meal (0,10 and 20%) using change over Latin square design (3×3) with three periods each was lasted 30 days .The results indicated that daily feed intake of rations, daily quantities of milk (uncorrected and corrected ) yields, percentages and quantities of milk fat and protein, plasma concentration of the total protein and globulin were increased significantly (P≤0.05), while plasma concentration of glycerol and triglyceride were decreased significantly (P≤0.05) in T2 and T3 as compared to those in T1 .The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of using Sesame seed meal on milk produ-ction & composition and some blood parameters.