Pre and postnatal morphological developments for the skull bones in guinea pig (Cavia cutleri)


The study designed to investigate the morphological changes from 25 day prenatal to the 30 day old postnatal in guinea pig, and found that, at the 25-35th day of gestation the result showed typical formation of the plates of all skull elements and show no ossification in any parts of cranium but, at the 35th days the blue color of plates were lighter than that of previous age. At the 45th day of gestation showed starting and extension of ossification centers in all plates of skull elements. At the 55-60th days of gestation the sutures line of articulation among the skull element in addition to the rami of mandible were not ossified. At the one -15 days postnatal showed ossification of the sutures line articulation and rami of mandible, while areas on the parietal, occipital, frontal and nasal bones were still not ossified. At the 30th day the nasal, temporal and occipital, baseoccipital, basespheniod, palatine and incisive bones have been ossified but, the ossification has not yet completed in frontal, parietal and maxilla