Oral Carriage Rate of Candida Speciesin Diabetic Patients


Background: It is well known that oral carriage
of Candida species increase in many situations, like
obesity, debility, leukemia, viral infection, use of
certain drugs in addition to diabetes mellitus.
Objective: find the relation between diabetes and
its control on oral carriage of Candida.
Methods: Thirty four hundred oral swabs from
diabetic patients 67% are females and 33% are
males, 41.7% are type 1 diabetes and 58.3% are type
2.different culture media are used.
Results: we found that 37.9% of diabetics had oral
carriage, older age group had more but the
difference is not significant statistically P>0.05, in
addition females carry more Candida than males
P<0.05, while type of diabetes had no effect on oral
carriage we found that control of diabetes had
significant effect P<0.01.
Conclusion: There is high carriage rate of
Candida species in oral cavity of diabetic patients
37.9%, the rate of carriage increase in females and
those with poor control. Candida albicans is the most
common type with all the associated factors.
Key Words: Diabetes, oral carriage, Candida