A field experiment was conducted at the field of Field Crop .Dept., College of Agric/Univ.of Baghdad .It was included five Inbreds {ZM34(ZE),ZM60,ZM19,ZM49W3E and CDN5}.That were given number (1,2,3,4,5) .Inbreds were tested for general and specific combining ability by using full dialle. Inbreds were planted in spring 2013 and at anthesis crossing between inbreds all possibilities were carried out In fall season of 2013 ,varietal trail for crosses and parents were conducted using RCBD with four replications to evaluate crosses and parents and estimate some genetic parameters. Statistical analysis revealed highly significant differences for all traits ,plant high, leaves no. leaf area index ,ear length ,no.of row/ear,no.of grain/row,ears weight and grain yield /plant .The genetic analysis show that inbred 3 was superior and gave high grain yield 100.66 gm because it gave high ears weight 170.25 gm, no.of grain /row 32.88grain and ear length 15.40 ,also it had positive GCA .The cross(1×4) was superior and gave high grain yield 124.57gm because it gave high ears weight 168.82,no.of grain /row 34.60 grain ,no.of rows/ear 15.40 and ear length 16.10cm.also it had positive hybrid vigor 163% .The reciprocal cross 4×3 was superior and gave highest yield 155.05 gm because it gave high ear weight 180.18 ,no.of grain /row 40.25 grain ,no.of rows/ear 15.25and ear length 18.95cm.also it had positive hybrid vigor for grain yield 54% and highest SCA 25.56 . The cytoplasmic inheritance was very clear for some crosses. The average degree of dominance more than one ,it referes to non additive gene effect controlled in most traits . It was revealed that some of inbreds were superior in GCA and SCA;Therefor it can be used in hybrid or synthetic production .most of the traits controlled by dominance gene effects so we recommended using hybridization to improve it.