Optical and Structural Properties of Methylene Blue Doped Poly Vinyl Alcohol Films after Gamma Irradiation


In this research the optical properties (absorption, transmission, reflection spectra, optical absorption coefficient, optical energy gap, extinction coefficient, reflective index and real and imaginary dielectric constants) and structural properties that contain FTIR spectra and FESEM have measured for un-irradiated and Gamma irradiated pure PVA and MB/PVA films. The Gamma irradiation emitted from 60Co source with irradiation dose 17.8 KG for all samples. The results showed that the electronic transition is indirect for all samples and the optical energy gap of PVA decreased after irradiation for pure PVA and MB/PVA films, whereas for MB increased after irradiation for MB/PVA film. The FTIR spectrum showed that all bonds for PVA polymer remained the same and doping with dye and Gamma irradiation did not affect on it. FESEM photographs illustrated that the surface of all films became more roughness after irradiation.