Diagnostic and Histological study of breast cancer diseases and knowledge of role steroid hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the disease progression in Thi-Qar province


Collected 172 blood and tumor tissue samples from the patients with breast cancer(166 woman ,6 men)in al-hussein hospital educational in thi-qar province ( encology department ). found the females patient 97%, while the male patient 3%.the pathological examination by microscope for tissues after tissue preparation steps, the results showed that histopathological changes in the breast tissue affected by cancer ,are big size nucleus like swallowed and the nucleolus is clear with dense chromatin and irregular tissue. also measure the levels of serum estrogen hormone, serum progesterone hormone and serum testosterone hormone by using vidias method revealed to there are a statistically significant relationship between (estrogen , progesterone and testosterone) hormone and progression of breast cancer risk . and also revealed to there is a relationship between sexual hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and hormonal receptors ( ER and PR receptor). also there is a relationship between sexual hormones and human growth factor receptor (Her2).