Isolation and identification of some Candida species causing superficial Candidiasis


isolate some of the aetiology of the superficial Candidiasis . the isolate and diagnose of the disease depending on patients who are treating at advisory of dermal disease in Imam Al- Hussain Hospital in the Province of Thi-Qar. 207 samples were collected a collect according to the position, sex and age . They were different ages , They were different position of the paitents bodies and for both sexes and from different ages . They were collected from September in 2013 toJunein2014 . can be used for transplanting and its rate is 44.92% . the infection in male consists of female is 44.1% .Then, this study show that there were five types of Candida. They are C.albicans ,C.dublinesis, C.tropicalis ,C.krusei and C.parapsilosis . C.albicans is the most widespread species. With occurrence percentage of 45.16% . C.dubllinensis was a new record as acausing agent of superficial candidiasis in Thi-Qar province .with an occurancee percentage of 3.22%. The area under the breasts is the most area which is affected by the superficial Candidasis. Patients with ages between 21-30 years old had the infection rather than others , and the area under the breast was the most affected with superficial candidiasis .