Topical Application to Mixture of Honey with Cod Liver Oil as a Novel Therapy to Treat Contaminated Skin Wounds in Rabbits Model


Contaminated wounds are common in all animals and human being; their treatments may complicated and need for prolong duration, therefore the current study aimed to investigate an alternative way to treat the contaminated wounds by using natural compounds that accelerate wounds healing; these study achieved on 30 local rabbits that exposed to surgical excision and contaminated by Staphylococcus aureus then divided into 5 groups in which 6 animals of each and treated for 14 days as the following: the first group treated with honey, second group treated with cod liver oil, third group treated with mixture of honey and cod liver oil, fourth group treated with fucidin while the fifth group contaminated with bacteria only. The results showed moderate (1.55 ± 0.11) wound contraction and healing in first group, while the second group showed (1.77 ± 0.10) was delayed in wound contraction and healing, the third group showed (1.0±0.13) which regarded the excellent and optimal wound contraction and healing, the fourth group showed (1.77 ± 0.12) which delayed wound healing and contraction, finally the fifth group showed(3.07 ± 0.11) in which no signs of wound contraction and healing. In conclusion, the using of mixture of natural compounds like honey and cod liver oil may accelerate wound contraction and healing and keep the wounds sterile.