Diagnosis of parasitic diseases of fish cages (Cyprinus carpio) in the Al furat River Bridge of Mussayab in Babylon province


77 fish from the common carp has been examined farms of fish (cages) In AL Furat River- Mussaib Babel province Period of four months from January to April. took Samples from the cages to laboratory . Investigate every of gill, skin and fins of fishes inspected by microscope and in second phase direct Samples are prepared from probable lesions. Gills were dissected and its filaments placed in Petri dishes with Glycerin. Have been found total 6 parasites, Two species from protozoa Myxobolus , Trichodina and four species from the monogenetic D. extensus , D.achmerowi, D. minutes, Dactylogyrus vastato The diagnosis by ( 1)