Assessment of Mothers Education and their Knowledge about Home-Accident among Early Childhood Age Group


Objectives: The study was carried assessment of mothers education and their knowledge about home accidents prevention among early childhood age group. Methodology: A descriptive study design was achieved from 10-30 October 2015. A non-probability accidental sample of 113 Mothers who agreed to participate in the study& have a child or more live together at the same house and the sample was selected from health centers when visiting for certain follow-up to their children in the Babylon city, middle of Iraq, Through using questionnaire that constructed by researchers to collect data available for the purpose of the study through using descriptive and inferential statistics according to the aims of the study. Results: After completion of 113 questionnaire, the results were revealed that majority of mother's age were 44(38.9%) aged between 22-28 years old while their education were 58(51.3) from primary level, for this reason the majority of the sample 96(85%) were unemployed. The study reveals more than quarter of the sample 39.8% as 45 within group of 61-70 score of moderate knowledge with optimum level contrasted. Conclusions: The present study reveals quarter of the sample had moderate knowledge with optimum level contrasted and few of them have poor knowledge regarding to accidents avoidance of kids under five as well as no correlation between mother's knowledge with their age and education. Recommendations: Health education program about explanations for home accidents, medical aid managements and technique for avoidance into the educational modules at various levels were recommended.