Determination of uranium in soil samples from Al-Fallujah city by using of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (CR-39)


The aim of this study is to determination the uranium concentration in soil samples of Al-Fallujah city because these sites were a field of military operations during the war in 2005 , through the collection of 20 soil samples taken from different schools of Al-Fallujah and the depths ( 20-0 ( , ( 40-20( cm for Determine the concentration of uranium accounts based on comparison with standard models were used detector nuclear impact (CR-39) as a method for the detection of uranium in soil samples for study areas .From the results we can found that the concentration of uranium at the depth (0-20) cm were higher at than the depth at (20-40) because of the radioactive content in the soil is located in the surface and this can wind and rain from the removal (90%) of radioactive material from the soil and record the highest rate of uranium concentration in situ (S16) of (2.158) This is compatible with the reality of this region where military operations have seen more than other regions and wide .