Study of Land Use Changes for Marsh Region by using Landsat Images and by Calculate Normalize Difference Vegetation index (NDVI)


Iraqi marshes were considered the largest wetland in the Middle East and characterized by varied environment (such as river, lakes and vegetation covers). During the last decades the Iraqi marshes subjected to many artificial and natural changes. These changes have impacts on its ecosystem (land cover, vegetation and aquatic environment).The aim of this paper is detect environmental changes in the Iraqi marsh for the period (1973-2004), by using multi-temporal and multispectral images with calculated, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).Series of Landsat images shows that the Iraqi marshes are desiccated vegetation cover and water decrease during the period 1990- 2003. While 2003 shows re-flooding the area. The results show that NDVI is good indicator for vegetation area.