Ghrelin Level in Male PatientsWith Hypothyroidism


Background:-Circulating ghrelin concentration is inversely associated with the bodymass index; thus, obese individuals have lower levels than lean individuals.Abnormalities of lipid metabolism associated with hypothyroidisms patients,many of them are obese. Many diseases such as hypothyroidism can effect ofghrelin level.Objective:-To study the relation between Ghr and insulin resistance (IR), β-cell function (B%), insulin sensitivity (S%), atherogenic index(AI), in patients with hypothyroidism.Subjects and methods:-Sixty males were enrolled in this study which were divided into two groups as follows: control subject group consisted of 30apparentlyhealthy individuals, (30) males with hypothyroidism, blood was collected from patients attended the National Diabetes Centre from October 2012 to June 2013.Serum of ghrelin, insulin and lipid profile levels were evaluated in patients andcontrol groups.Results:-The results in this study revealed that mean of serum ghrelin levels wereshowed significant decrease differences in patients with hypothyroidismcompared with control group and a significant negative correlation between ghrelin and TSH, and a significant positive correlation between ghrelin and insulin resistance.Conclusion:-We conclude that serum ghrelin, T3, T4, HDL, S% and B% levels were decrease in males with hypothyroidism andC-peptide,FSG,insulin,IR,TC,AI, VLDL, TC/HDL, LDL/HDLlevels were increase in them. Serum ghrelincorrelate with altering lipid profile insulin resistance and TSH, our suggestion that possible follow up serum TSH and ghrelin and insulin resistance to prevent developing other diseases.