Prevalence of anemia and determination of some hematological parameters among pregnant women in Baghdad city


From 124 women in different stage of pregnancy ,there were 83 (67%) conceded anemic and 41(33%) were non anemic ,there were 54(65%) suffering from iron deficiency anemia. According to the form of anemia , 27 (32.5%) were suffering from mild anemia, 41 (49.4%) moderately anemia while15 (18.1%) severe anemia The number of anemic pregnant women from Baghdad was 39 (47%) and the internally displaced anemic pregnant women 44 (53%). the anemic pregnant women who were primigravida 36 (43.4%), while the pregnant women who were multipart gravida 47 (56.6%) .The number of anemic pregnant women was 26(31.3%) for age of 17-27y ,33(39.8%) for age of 28-37y and 24(28.9% )for age of 38-45y .while the number of anemic pregnant women was 43(41%) at the 1st trimester ,31(37%) at the 2nd trimester and 18(22%) at the 3nd .There were 62(69 %) from the total pregnant women got iron pills during the pregnancy period .From the total anemic pregnant women 9 (11%) recorded with pregnancy diabetes, 11 (13.3%) had pregnancy hypertension and 21(25%) suffered from placental previa,. The total RBCs and WBCs count during the 1st ,2nd and 3rd trimesters were (3.70±0.30, 3.96±0.59 and 4.76±0.24) .( 4.62±1.23 , 8.31±2.45 and 13.22±3.60) respectively ,while the Hb levels were 8.78±1.39 , 10.93±1.21 and 12.33±0.18 at the pregnancy trimesters. Serum iron and serum firrtin levels in iron deficiency ,non- iron deficiency anemia were (31.24±9.7 and 37.2±12.7) ,( 4.90±3.4 and 311.10±135.2) respectively.