Response of Two Varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) to Plant Density


Afield trial was carried out at the Experimented farm College of Agriculture، university of Anbar Abu – Ghraib، during spring and fall seasons 2015.The objective was to know the effect of plant distribution (distances between rows and plant) in some traits growth، yield and yield components for two cultivars' of Sorghum (Abu-ALSabeen and Rabeh)، using split- split plot by Randomized complete Block Design with three replicates.Rabeh cultivar had superiority in all studied traits except plant height and biological yield in which Abu -Alsbeen cv. was superior recording 203.65 and 280.9 cm for plant height in both spring and autumn seasons، respectively and biological yield reached 37.85 ton h -1 in autumn season only. While the cultivar had superiority in weight yield and biological yield. The plant density in all of studied traits. The narrow spaces of (10 cm) among row and (50 cm) among line had superiority in each of plant height، leaf area index ،biological yield and grains yield in compared with large distance (20 cm) among hills and (70cm) among line which had superiority in each of leaf area and stem diameter، Distance 10 cm gave significant in height of plant abut 179.89cm، in spring season. Nevertheless, distance 20 cm had largest leaf area of 3544 and 4234 cm2 in each season, respectively. The interaction between cultivars and spaces effected significantly, for Abu- ALsbeen with (10cm) agricultural spaces indicated the highest average for grain yield with 10.87 ton ha-1, only in autumn season.