Maximum Bite Force And Their Relation’s To Body Properties In Different Facial Type Among Iraqi Adult Female At Al Ramadi City


Maximal bite force (MBF) is the utmost force obtainable within the mouth using muscles of mastication .The purpose behind current research was to analyze the link between MBF & body properties (namely age, height, weight, Facial height, Facial Width, and Body Mass Index [BMI]) amongst females. Dental students & patients attending the Dentistry College Al Anbar University & at my private Clinic at AL Ramadi City 49 females fulfilling the inclusion criteria and included in this study. The sample classified according to the facial types into long, normal & short face. For Each participant the name, age, Body height, Body weight, the maximum bite force (M.B.F) were Measured. The Facial type determination was done Directly (Anthropometry). The descriptive statistics for all variable in different facial types had been measured. Short face and then the normal face had the largest bite force value whereas the long face had the smallest MBF value. ANOVA test revealed a very highly significant difference in Facial high, maximum bite force, while the Facial width showed a highly significant. The body mass index showed no significant differences among the three types of face. The Pearson’s Correlation of age showed positive correlation with height, facial width in long face, while in short face the height showed positive correlation with facial height, facial width. The weight appeared in positive correlation with the Body Mass Index in all facial types, and with facial width in short face only. The Facial height demonstrated positive correlation with the Facial width in all facial types. Lastly the MBF displayed Positive correlation with Body Mass Index in all facial type. A mean M.B.F for the total sample ranges from 205 to 657 N. The largest value of bite force were in the short face and the smallest value in long face. There were Positive correlation of BMI with the Maximum Bite Force & with the weight in all facial types.