Chemical and Isotopic Content and LMWL of Rainwater in Baghdad/Iraq


Rainwater samples were collected from different areas in Baghdad city of 9 samples for the rainy season 2007-2008, and 14 samples for the rainy season 2008-2009. The objective of this work is to identify the chemical and physical properties as well as isotopes contents of the rainwater, in addition, the LMWL was also carried out for the rainwater in Baghdad city. The results show that the pH was in the range from (5.5-6.44) which is moderately acidic and the TDS was in the range (84-189 ppm). As for cations and anions concentrations, they were in the range of (11.59-28 mg/l) for Sodium, (0.05-1.05 mg/l) for Potassium, (2.2-9.7 mg/l) for Magnesium, (11.22-36.2 mg/l) for calcium, (17.5-39.82 mg/l) for chloride, (18.3-49.57 mg/l) for Bicarbonate and (12.47-38.34 mg/l) for sulfate. On the other hand, the isotopic concentrations of 9 samples of rainwater, which include Deuterium, and Oxygen-18, were determined to be in the range of (-0.79-7.25‰) and (-48.78-18.75‰) respectively. The local meteoric water line for Baghdad city is represented by the following equation: (2H = 8.538 * 18O + 26.175).