Hopelessness among University Students


AbstractِThe goal of current research to build a loss of hope among the university students for the academic year scale (2014-2015), and to identify the level of hopelessness among university students, and the goal of current research is to identify the significance of the differences in the loss of hope by variable sex, including current research community (24062 ) students and students from the University of Basra, was pulling a random sample, the researchers used the following statistical methods to achieve the objectives of the research) samples t-test for two independent samples, samples t to one sample test, Pearson) .okan correlation coefficient of the main findings of the study : 1. Find the current society that suffers from a loss of hope.2. There are statistically significant differences at the level of significance (0.05) in the level of loss of hope among the students Gamah.oofaqa current researchers presented the results of a number of recommendations