The Serologicalrates of Cytomegalovirus Among Women in Diyala Province, With a Study of Some The Immunological Markers


This study aims to determine anti-CMV IgG, IgM antibodies rates of the cytomegalovirus among women in Diyala province and determine the level of concentration of IL6, IL10 and their role in immune response. This study was carried out on 180 women attended to AL Battol Teaching Hospital for maternity and Children in Baquba-Diyala, and outpatient clinic in Baquba Teaching Hospital. During the period from September 2015 to February 2016. The above selected women divided in to two group including 130 samples from aborted women, In addition to 50 samples from women as control group. The women age in the study were ranged between 15-30 year. Anti- CMV IgG and IgM antibodies were assayed by ELISA technique using (ELISA -Human, Germany) at the Public Health Laboratory Baquba. The results showed that the anti-CMV IgG, IgM antibodies seroprevalence among aborted women was (96.15%) , (6.92%) respectively. In addition 48 samples was selected from the total number of samples in the current study with anti-CMV IgG antibodies seropositive to measurement the Level of (IL6 , IL10) in women and Using the ELISA technique also. This group included 28 samples from aborted women in addition to 20 samples from women samples as control group. The results of interleukin-6 were high in women serum with CMV infection, the concentration in aborted women was(7.89±23.23) pg/ml which is statistically significant P < 0.001.When compared with the control group level (4.25 ±12.5) pg/ml. The results of interleukin-10 were reduction in women serum with CMV infection , Where the concentration in aborted women was (2.01±5.00)pg/ml which is statistically significant P < 0.003 When compared with the control group. level (12.5±4.25) pg/ml.