A study of some genetic molecular variable of RPE65 and MERTK genes effect in Retinitis Pigmentosa


The current study included 74 patients with Retinitis pigmentosa in the provinces Baghdad and Al- Anbar , from both sexes , and the average age group (20-45) years , as well as (20) people healthy from the disease and from any other optical aliments, its used as control samples. This study came to detect changes taking place in each of RPE65 and MERTK genes in these patients by using PCR technology , to get know defect in these genes and how its relate in the occurrence of disease The result of the present study at the molecular level of RPE65 gene showed appearances by 43.25% from all the members of study sample then it’s not appear by 56.75%of total study sample which confirms the role of defect winning at the level of sequences of this gene in the events of the disease . then the result of study at the molecular of MERTK gene its appearance by 63% from all present study samples and it’s not appear by 37%, there for the defect winning at the level of RPE65 was higher than from the imbalance winning at the level of MERTK gene, thus RPE65 gene may effect of the largest rate in the events of the disease . The results of the study showed that the rate of emergence of MERTK gene greater than the incidence rate of RPE65 in patients with retinitis pigment within the sample of the current study, and the average age group is more susceptible to retinitis pigment is the category 20_40 year, A gene-specific gene that leads to disease progression in patients and a special study on the level of concentration of gene proteins studied in the blood and its relationship to disease events and progression