Extension training problems for agricultural extension workers in Baghdad governorate


This research aimed to determine the training problems and its priority for the agaric extension works in Baghdad governorate. A random sample of 120 agaric extension workers in Baghdad were Selected to represent about 323 percent from their population. Data were Collected through a designed questionnaire with interview contained a list of ten main training problem. Data were analyzed by the weighted Mean, standard deviation and percentages.The main study result shouted the inajority of the respondents had a university degree in general acquire and extension. With adquate experiece with and extension jobs. They have a low exposure to training courses in agaric, extension.The respondents indicated ten main problems for training they are arranged as follows: Training drives, residence, trance selection, trainee problems, timing of conducting training courses training content training rooms. They also suggested solutions for each sub problem. To achieve effective extension training it should consider the above menticed problems at the planning stage.