The effect of sowing dates and spraying nutritious solution on yield of cucumber ( cucmis sativus l. ) cultivitd under plastic hous without warm


The field experiment was conducted in plastic house of Horticulture and landscape design department of Agriculture college – Tikrit University at the season 2012 to study the effect of five foliar nutrition treatments that is Control, Giant, Protec, Viviter, and Lelli 2000, with Three sowing dates 10/1 , 28/1 and 15/2. Split plot design was used a distributed as R.C.B.D. It was done with three replicates. The results showed that viviter had superior significant in T.S.S , Fruit weight , Plant yield 2124.7 gm. Giant had superiority in total chlorophyll, while protec had superiority in fruit diameter , fruit numbers . While the control gave increasing in fruit hardness. Sowing dates content showed significant superiority in recipes careless. The interaction between viviter and the date the third significant increasing in T.S.S., fruit length and Plant yield , while the interaction Leilli 2000 with the date of the second had superiority in fruit numbers only . The interaction between Giant and the date of the first had significant superiority in total chlorophyll.