The effect of foliar spraying with KT-30, Brassinolide and seaweeds extract in some vegetative growth of seedlings vine varieties Vitis vinifera L. Hallawani and Kamali.


The experiment carried out in the lath house of Department of Horticulture of agriculture collage - Tikrit through the season 2014 to determine the effect sprayed of KT-30 and Brassinolide and seaweed extracts Agla-600, LELIE-2000 and interaction within characteristics of the vegetative growth and mineral content of the seedlings grape varieties Hallawani and Kamali (first factor). The second factor was used as a single concentration of each of the Kt-30 10 mg L-1 and Brassinolide 0.010 mg L-1. The third factor is the concentration of seaweed extracts Alga-600 concentration 1.0 ml L-1 and 2000-LELIE concentration 2.0 ml L-1. As an experiment designed, according randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 9 treatments and three replications with 27 experimental units and by 3 seedlings for experimental unit 81 seedlings. It was spraying the shoot of seedlings in two times, the first spray when bud burst and the leave appeared 25/3 and the second after one month the first spray. The results showed that grape seedling response two spraying and interaction between Brassinolids and Seaweed extracts, so the leaves number had significant superiority, shoot length, diameters especially Hallwani variety while there were no significant different in leaves area, in contraire the significant difference in chlorophyll content clear in addition to dry weight. Spraying with KT-30, Seaweed LELIE-2000 had significant effect in leave content in nitrogen while there were no effect on phosphorus, potassium content except that in kamali variety as well as for the carbohydrates, there was augmentation to Halawani compared with Kamali. This study is also aimed at the future impact of the elements in the plant urged Pregnancy and production because the relationship between the development of vegetative growth and flowering held its output is the ultimate aim of agricultural research work.