Pathological study on colorectal tumors in human patients


This project included pathological study on 29 patients colorectal tumors . the study included serial sections stained with heamatoxyline & eosin. Histological finding revealed that (28) patent had adenocarcinoma and only one with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The patients mean age was 58 years and the ratio of meal to female was 1.1:1. Location of the tumour masses was 15 cases in the left side of Colon, two cases in the right, one tumour mass in the transverse colon, and (10) cases in the rectum.Gross examination of the tumour mass exhibited ulcerated type in (46.42%), polypoid type in 32.14%, and constrictive type in (21.42%).This study showed that 96.4% of adenocarcinoma were moderately differentiated and 3.6 % were poorly differentiated.It was found to be associated with tubular adenomas. Most of cases was diagnosed in advanced stages.Conclusion: In this study the most frequent location of tumour masses were in the left side of colon and there was very low incidence of adenoma associated with malignant tumors.