Images Compression Using Bezier curve with Ridgelet Transform


The data compression is a very important process in order to reduce the size of a large data to be stored or transported, parametric curves such that Bezier curve is a suitable method to return gradual change and mutability of this data. Ridghelet transform solve the problems in the wavelet transform and it can compress the image well but when it uses with Bezier curve, the equality of compressed image become very well. In this paper, a new compression method is proposed by using Bezier curve with Ridgelet transform on RGB images. The results showed that the proposed method present good performance in both subjective and objective experiments. When the PSNR values equal to (34.2365, 33.4323 and 33.0987), they were increased in the proposed method to (37.9521, 37.9521and 36.0655) respectively.