Metric Type II Bursts with and without Coronal Mass Ejection During 20 Years


Metric type II bursts are formed from shocks driven by CME or flares which is indicative of particles (SEPs) accelerated to high energies. This work aims to investigate the metric type II bursts, CMEs and flare for twenty years (1996-2016, inclusive) over two solar cycles 23 and 24. The total metric type II bursts was 1378 events divided into two groups: first group associated with CMEs regardless their properties and this group has (1147) events. The second group associated with flares which has (231) events. The interstice fraction of this research is the metric type II associated with CME is 83% whereas only 17% with flare where this very close to the previous study in 2005 which found 81% despite it was for only six years. This agreement between the two studies may lead to there are a regular emission of CMEs and flares over long periods.