Sports crime and sport laws in Iraq


As sport is, in essence, human activity High implications, and the fulcrum in the field of behavior and spiritual education. Through physical and dressage what never of programming mentality mental energy directed towards the advancement of man, it alerts the legislator to this human truth and deliberately to fortify through the Constitution, which provided for the sport regarded as one of the pillars of decent citizens a healthy environment.The legislator, including possession of tools legislative and executive employ this activity in the crucible of law, any legislator may also open the way for legislation to evolve in line dynamic changes in various humanitarian fields, leaving space for the rule of law be changed to keep pace with this development and re-evaluate and codify new concepts addressed in the texts to be absorbed and incorporated runways human decencyOne of these developments in the world of sports concepts as human activity is the most prominent in this day and age and the outgrowth role in moving the masses and institutions even influence arrived in political and economic decision of the state, the legislature, it needed to establish civilian institutions and the judiciary to circumvent this behavior revolution and concepts distinctive in the texts of laws that have not this change accommodates each ambulance and then the decision-maker (Kalkadhi Esquire) to determine the nature of this concept and comprehensiveness punishment fit with Unsportsmanlike behavior.It is this principle.Find this idea came to the axes:1. Identify the most common legal concepts and try to be included within the runways aggressive behavior in preparation for the characterization of sports crimes.2. attempt to give such criminal or penal (sports court), which dominated by administrative capacity, depending on the large number of facts before it in the Proceedings of Administrative Violations, which is displayed mathematical laws to administrative violations of the decisions of the committees and sports clubs.3. attempt to shed light on the aggressive behaviors texts contained in the Iraqi Penal Code and lack of characterization or comprehensiveness or identified in the crucible of a penal law (athlete). The most prominent of these provisions of paragraph (3) of Article 41 of the Iraqi Penal Code (Q.a.a), which did not specify the concept of (sports violence during sports) as a model neighborhood calls shed considering it as a prelude to change or revise his consepts .


Law and Sport