Chemical Study of Zingiber officinale dried Rhizomes powder and their role on Germination and Growth of Triticum aestivum


Green house experiment was undertaken during the period from 10/11/ 2009 till 10/12/2009 to asses the role to the addition of Zingiber officinale (ginger) dried rhizomes powder at the concentrations of 4,8,12 gm/kg of soil in addition to control treatment on germination and growth of Triticum aestivum .Separation of chemical compounds in ginger rhizomes by using thin layer chromatography (TLC) method was done also. The results show that there was increase in shoot elongation (cm) and dry weight (mg) , leaves number, leaves area (cm2) dry and fresh weight of root (mg) with increasing concentration , also shoot fresh weight increased at concentrations of 4 and 8, in addition chlorophyll content decreased at concentration of 12gm /kg.Chemical experiment revealed that ginger rhizomes containe 2 of phenolics , 9 of diterpens , 6 of sesquiterpen , 11 of triterpens , 1 of tetralkaloid ,and 4 of alkaloid compounds