Determination Of Lead , Cupper, Iron , and Zinc In Blood Of Fuel Station Worker At Al – Najaf City.


The increasing pollution with many heavy metals harmful for living organisms has been the subject of considerable interest .Toxic substances elements occurring in the environment ,as well as in the human body . Many workers are exposed to heavy metals in industry ,particularly in the metal finishing industry or traditional glasswork . This study aimed to determine cupper, lead, iron, and zinc concentration in the blood of fuel station worker (investigator group) ,in addition to aged match non-occupationally exposed individuals (control group).The results that were achieved in this study showed a significance in average Pb, Cu, Fe, and Zn concentration in the investigated group of peoples that workes in a high polluted environment compared to control group that works in clean environment .A remarkably close relationships have been shown between amount of estimated heavy metals and duration of works in fuel station . this sta .In conclusion in exposed subjects ,there is a direct effect of working environment and duration of work in the concentration of lead, cupper, iron, and zinc in the blood at the human population.