Docetaxel Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Breast cancer Patients and its Amelioration by Vitamin E


Background: Chemotherapy is used to treat different types of cancer. Its use is associated with neurotoxicity, the most common of them is peripheral neuropathy. Taxanes are recognized to cause peripheral neuropathy of which Docetaxel is studied.Aim: To evaluate the neurotoxicity of Docetaxel and assess the protective effect of vitamin E in breast cancer patients.Methods: In a prospective placebo controlled randomized study, 60 women with breast cancer were selected. Patients had surgery and planned for chemotherapy administration. Chemotherapy protocol used is TAC that includes Docetaxel, Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide given every 21 days. They are assessed for neuropathy clinically and by nerve conduction study at the baseline and after completion of chemotherapy. They are divided into 2 groups each composed of 30 patients. The 1st group is given Vitamin E and the second group is given placebo.Results: showed that the incidence of neuropathy is the same in both groups, but it was less severe in Vitamin E treated group compared to the placebo group.Conclusion: vitamin E ameliorates the severity of peripheral neuropathy and can be used for this purpose.Recommendation: We recommend large multicenter studies to be done and using other agents that possibly prevent or ameliorate Docetaxel induced neuropathy in the future.