Effect of Heat Treatment on the Bulk Etch Rate Activation Energy of CR-39 Detector


The aim of this paper is to study the effect of heat treatment on the bulk etch rateactivation energy (EB) of the nuclear track detector CR-39 at thermal heating of 145 °C for20 min . An aqueous solution of KOH with normality (3,5,7,9) N and temperature(50,60,70,80) °C have been used to each the detector for 2h . The bulk etch rate activationenergy (EB) for unheated detectors was about (0.284, 0.274, 0.327, 0.303) eV and for heateddetectors ( Ba E ) was (0.227, 0.246, 0.249, 0.301) eV for etching normalities (3,5,7,9) Nrespectively . It has been observed that the activation energy does not depend so much onthe normality and temperature of the etchant solution . The activation energy rate forunheated detectors was E eV B  0 .297 and for heated detectors was E eVBa  0 .255 .