Effect of potassium and drip irrigation system on the growth and yield of two hybrid of eggplant ( Solanum melongena L.) protected cultivation Iraqi wonder and Barcelona under heated plastic house


This study was conducted in heated plastic house of horticulture and landscape design department - College of Agriculture - University of Kirkuk – Iraq. During the Fall season 2013- 2014 to study effect of potassium and drip Irrigation system on growth and yield of two hybrid15 of eggplant (Solanum melnongena L.) the experiment included 48 treatment as two types of drip system (GR & standard) and two hybrid of eggplant Iraqi wonder & Barcelona, and four levels of potassium fertilizer (0,35,45&55) kg /dn A factorial experiment with split split - plot design was used with 3 replicates. Duncan’s Multiple Range Test at P> 0.05 level used to compare the means of treatments. On the other hand used T-Test method for examining the means of two emitter indicators at P> 0.05 level. The results obtained in this experiment could be summarized as follows:-Potassium fertilizer (45k.dn-1) was significant superiority in most of the studied indicators.The Iraqi wonder hybrid was superioed in (number of branches7.20 branches . plant-1 , number of leaves161.81 leaves . plant-1 , number of fruits per plant26.87 fruits . plant-1 , yield of plant 887.04 kg . plant , total yield of plants 887.04 Kg) ,Barcelona hybrid dominated in (height of plant 167.52 Cm , weight of one fruit 171.51g ). When evaluating drip irrigation system results gave that the emitter GR was significant superior on standard emitter in (Discharge of water and wetted area ), The results of (T test) analysis showed that GR emitter superior in (discharge of water , wetted area , standard deviation , difference in the discharge of emitters , coefficient of variation , emission uniformity , emission uniformity absolute). The bi-interaction on treatments between the hybrids and potassium levels showed a significant effectiveness in most of the studied indicators .