Effect of Crushed Brick on Some Load-Bearing Hollow Concrete Block Properties


In this research, the effect of using crushed brick as an alternative to the coarse aggregate onsome load-bearing hollow concrete block properties were investigated.The hollow concrete blocks with standard dimension (150 ×150×300) mm, were produced. Themix proportions were (1) cement to (6) total aggregate. The course aggregate was replaced bythe crushed brick in volumetric percent at rate of (25 %, 50%, 100%), then the effect of thereplacement was investigated on some concrete block properties such as compressive strength ,density, absorption and thermal and sound insulation in different ages (7, 14, 28) days. According tothe results, crushed brick can be used as course aggregate to produce load-bearing hollow concreteblocks class B with medium concrete density that can be used in interior wall or exterior wall thatprotected from moisture and weather conditions. The optimum percent of replacement of crushedbrick was (50%). Some properties like density, thermal insulation was improved, while, the otherproperties like compressive strength, absorption, sound insulation was kept at acceptable range. Itcan be concluded that the effect of the crushed brick as aggregate on concrete blocks properties,compared to normal aggregate, resulting from the combined effect low density, low crushing value,surface roughness, and its contribution to the process of internal curing for the concrete. Also, theuse of crushed brick has an environmental effect in terms of its contribution to the recycling processfor this waste materials and save the environment from it, as well as to reduce the pressing onsources of natural aggregates, which considered a national resources and must be preserved and beused in optimal utilization.