A Three-phase Test Circuit Design for High Voltage Circuit Breaker Based on Modeling


Modern electric power systems performance depend significantly on theoperation of circuit breakers. Circuit breaker are used to detect disturbance in theelectrical network and to protect the sensitive equipment and costly instrumentssuch as: generators, transformers, and many more. So, they must operate withinextremely tight tolerances especially at the electrical network that operate undera short circuit fault conditions. Evaluation of work efficiency for circuit breakeris an important procedure for demonstrating its ability to curb fault currents,especially short circuit currents and for optimizing reliability of network. Thispaper aims to design a three-phase test circuit used to evaluate the performance ofhigh voltage circuit breaker under short circuit fault by simulation. By this method,the difficulties of practical tests will be overcome, where it doesn't need highelectrical power of real sources, unlimited flexibility to adjust the elements valueof test circuit, safe from the risks, and economic because it dependent on modeling.