Effect of Therapeutic dose of Metformin drug in Blood Sugar Pregnant Mice Treated With Folic Acid


The study include effect therapeutic dose of metformin drug in blood sugar of pregnant mice treated with folic acid . Mice weight ranged (25±2) g with age (12-16 )weeks ,The concentrations of uesd were ( 0.18 & 0.53 ) mg 25 gm mice body weight which corresponded to (500&1500) mg70 Kg of body weight in adult human , The therapeutic dose of folic acid used was ( 0.002 ) mgmice body weight which corresponded to ( 5 ) mg body weight in human , was aimed to define the effects of drugs in sugar level during pregnancy with the presence of folic acid or its absence , The drug was orally administrated , at (6-18)th day of pregnancy while folic acid was administrated at ( 4-18) th day . This group was treated with metformin drug after 2 hours of folic acid admimstration at (6) th day , The administration was once in the morning of each , The results showed non significant decrease in the sugar level in groups treated with metformin while significant increase in groups treated with metformin drug and folic acid compared with control.