Astudy Of Some Geotechnical Properties Of Sand Dunes In Alam Distric And Assesment Their Suitability For Tab Water Filteration.


The Study Aims to Studying Some Geotechnical Properties For Sand Dunes In Alam Area And Their Suitability. For Water Filtration Three Stations Were Chosed For Sampling Represeating The Study Area. Grain Size Analysis Show The Soil Is Coarse And (SP), Type According To Unified Soil Classification, The Values Of Water Content, Specific Gravity, Total Dissolved Salts, Organic Matters And PH Are(2.84-4.09)%, (2.65-2.66), (0.13-0.19), 1.06-2.57)%, (2.47-5.51)% And (7.71-7.81) Respectively.The Coefficient Of Uniforaity Which Values Ranging Between (1.6-1.76) And Organic Matters Show That The Sand Dunes In The Study Area Are Not Suitabile For Filtration Purposes According To Iraqi Standard Specification (1555, 2000), And Their Adjustment In 2002.