Study The Vibration Characteristics of Rotating Shaft with Slant Crack by Using Finite Element method in (ANSYS) Software


The present research about vibration characteristics analysis of rotating shaft with slant crack using finite element method in ANSYS program as mathematical tool and model drawing on the solid work software and insert to the (ANSYS) program in addition to mechanical and physical properties data for rotating shaft with disc to study the effect of several parameters such as crack depth and crack inclination angle on the natural frequency .mode shapes, by using (ANSYS 14.5) program and from workbench window the crack create at different inclination angle (20°,45°,70°,90°) and different depth (4,8,12) mm , the crack location at distance 2cm from the left side of the disc at maximum bending moment position to know its effect on the vibration characteristics . The result indicated that the natural frequencies are significant affected in the presence of a crack and reduces with increasing in the inclination angle and depth of crack while the mode shape affected by increasing inclination angle of crack and depth relatively little and not appear except after the crack depth receive advance stage from diameter of shaft .