Robot Arm Path Planning Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization based on D* algorithm


Much attention has been paid for the use of robot arm in various applications. Therefore, the optimal path finding has a significant role to upgrade and guide the arm movement. The essential function of path planning is to create a path that satisfies the aims of motion including, averting obstacles collision, reducing time interval, decreasing the path traveling cost and satisfying the kinematics constraints. In this paper, the free Cartesian space map of 2-DOF arm is constructed to attain the joints variable at each point without collision. The D*algorithm and Euclidean distance are applied to obtain the exact and estimated distances to the goal respectively. The modified Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm is proposed to find an optimal path based on the local search, D* and Euclidean distances. The quintic polynomial equation is utilized to provide a smooth trajectory path. According to the observe results, the modified PSO algorithm is efficiently performs to find an optimal path even in difficult environments.