Study of Physical Properties of CdO Thin Film Prepared by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique


In this research, cadmium oxide thin films were deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis technique on the glass substrate at 350℃ with thickness about (185) µm which calculated by interference fringe. The (XRD) measurements exhibit that the CdO films are polycrystalline with cubic crystal structure and many peaks (200), (202), (311), (222) and with preferential orientation along (111) plane. The surface morphology and roughness of the samples was studied by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The optical properties measure in the (UV –VIS), wavelength range (400-800) nm shows that the energy Gap is (2.3) eV and the optical transmittance of CdO films is about 88%. . The carrier's concentrations, Mobility Of cadmium oxide Thin film was calculated using Hall Effect measurements, Hall mobility display that cadmium oxide thin film is n-type semiconductor films. The D.C conductivity results shows that the CdO films have two values of activation energy as a result of polycrystalline structure of CdO film