(Development strategy City of Kirkuk accordance with the principles sustainable development)


This study is the need to identify the problems of the city of Kirkuk as a case study, Through a questionnaire conducted sporadic samples from residents of the city of Kirkuk and in particular working in different departments of the city staff, In order to try to put public policies and frameworks for the development of the city of Kirkuk according to sustainable planning general framework, And through the creation of balance and fairness to land use and public transportation and distribution services buildings in accordance with the population density of the city, which is in the process of increasing population growth significantly. The study also aimed to the need to preserve the environment, resources and wealth that characterizes the city of Kirkuk and the need to reduce pollution by identifying areas that could be enriched by green spaces to be thus a green belt surrounding the city because of its important role in the preservation of the environment. Through indicators that have been drawn from a set of points on the most important problems of the city and then come up with recommendations with a holistic view consistent with sustainable planning policies in the framework of sustainable development involved in different walks of life.