Criminal liability for journalistic work


The revolution in information and communications technology has had a major impact on the press. The news has become widely available and has expanded the distribution of newspapers to cover vast areas at high speed and at lower cost.This great development, on the one hand, and the role played by the press in the other, is a fourth and a control tool, a weapon that threatens the tyranny of tyrants and fulfills the aspirations of oppressed peoples. The press has contributed to many political changes globally And in our Arab environment in particular, as it is almost the godfather of the Arab Spring. As well as its role in establishing the foundations of democracy in Iraq, is one of its guarantees, but the press, like other tools for the defense of rights, can be a tool to attack, if misused. However, al-Faisal continues to organize the law for her, which should not be left to her in the hands of the abusers, nor to the glorification of power. This is done through the balanced organization of freedom of the press. The most important thing that restricts the newspaper and the journalist in performing its duties The journalist, as it defines the framework of this freedom and the role it will play in society,