Prevalence Some Pathogenic Bacteria Causing UTI in Diabetic Patients In / Specialized Center For Endocrinology and Diabetes of Baghdad City–Iraq


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by microorganisms but Bacteria are the most common cause when they overcome the natural defenses and causing infection, especially in patients with diabetes mellitus and its may present as asymptomatic bacteriuria, leading more serious infections. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of bacteria causing UTIs among diabetic patients. Collected one hundred and seventy five samples of sera and urine form diabetic patients with & without UTIs were studied from the specialized center for Endocrinology and diabetes All urine samples were tested by General urine examination (G.U.E) in addition to urine culture. On MacConkey and blood agar then identify the presence of the bacteria.Urinary tract infection increased with aging and increase percentage of UTI among individuals above 40 years so, high incidence of UTI among diabetic females (75%) rather that in diabetic males (25%). prominent UTI among females (68.8%) rather than males (31.1%) either diabetic or non-diabetic patients, as well as prevalence of smoking among males (74 %) than females (26%), So, Escherichia coli (15 isolates) most of them (13 isolates) in the urine sample of type II D.M particulary, the elderly ≥40 years females (11 isolates), and conclude from this study the duration of diabetes can affect the development of complication especially UTI complications, where their prevalence increases with longer duration of disease,Women with diabetes have more frequent and more sever UTI, and Escherichia.coli was the most common pathogen isolated in both groups.