He established the relationship between Islamic law and the idea of ​​nationality An in-depth legal study of the relevance of the relationship according to the jurisprudence of international private law


The truth is blessed and exalted, the creation of man from the same one and the transmission of men and women, (1) as well as the creation of people and tribes to know that the most honorable of them when the Almighty Almighty met them, (2) Since every work and every thought is dictated by the dictation of the message, not dictate others, we constantly have to go back to it, and we proceed from it to confirm our true relationship, our Islamic character and our complete worship of God. Islamic jurisprudence, in its simplest literature, is based on the integrated unity of all its ideological and practical dimensions (virtual and internal). Hence, it is not scientific and practical to limit the reading and presentation of this divine divine nihilism to a distance.In this area, intellectual, social and legal issues are often addressed and the extent to which Shari'a is accepted is discussed