The phenomenon of creativity in the poetry of Abe noaas


Literatures evolves in the development of cultures, takes from society something and grant it something; Whenever we read the literary texts we notice a stage of creativity and innovation in them; which follows the development of societies and cultures in which the writer lives.The development of literature occurred during the Abbasi period more than the other prehistoric times; where the writers invented sorts of creativity and renewed the purposes of poetry and its contents. Abu Nawas as a modern poet was born in Ahwaz during the Abbasi era. He got acquainted with different cultures and created in his poetry what we do not find in the works of the previous poets. We find something of creativity in the poetic image and meanings that are revealed through his poems. This research attempts to reveal the manifestations of creativity in the poems of Abu Nawas, based on the descriptive-analytical approach. What resulted in this research; is that Abu Nawas created some poetic meanings and sorts of poetic images, but he tended to innovation rather than to creativity.